Miss Teenage Canada has been such a wonderful experience with such wonderful treats ! Our sponsor Richtree market provided us with delicious tacos and burritos for lunch on our busy day!

Follow them @richtreemarket and hashtag #richtreefiesta!

Follow them @richtreemarket and hashtag #richtreefiesta!

Not only was the food really easy to balance out with my diet but the staff was very friendly! I had accidentally ordered a taco that included a topping I don’t prefer to have, and this resulted in having to change my order while it was being made. The manager was very cooperative and made the changes right away! What a great staff and top of the line service!

The food had great presentation! The girls and I HAD to take a picture! After taking a few pictures of food… I finally took my first bite and it felt good to be eating comfort food and then… the spice hit me! And it was even better ! You can really taste all the different toppings that were incorporated. And for a more subtle taste, they include lime on the side for your taste preferences. Absolutely enjoyed my lunch!

Pics or it didn't happen!

Pics or it didn’t happen!

What’s taco tuesday? Visit Richtree’s taco and burrito truck at the Eaton Centre for a taco ANY day of the week! I’m sure that you will be leaving satisfied!

Great service, great food, and 82 happy customers!

Xo, Trish

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