World Water Day by CAWST. Photo credits to CAWST

Hello everybody!

On March 18th, after months of continuous hard work, I attended the World Water Day event hosted by CAWST Youth Wavemakers. Months before, we had met up to discuss water sanitation and education, and set out with a plan to make a difference.

Me and the other IB volunteers.

I am so proud to have worked with the other International Baccalaureate students, whom we like to call, the Justice League. Coming from an ethnic background and a school that is extremely multicultural, we all connected through the stories of our countries of origin. One trend arose from our talks, because of the unsafe water back “home”, many of our families did not drink tap water in Canada.

Macarons made by me, and some of the other sweets at our table.

Education is so important. The spread of knowledge and information is what makes society progress. Calgary has some of the safest drinking water in the world, yet so many families are buying bottled water and contributing to pollution. Me, along with the amazing team, conducted surveys in order to gather information. Teaming up with the City of Calgary and Kathy Lam, my talented friend, we designed water bottles which we sold, and are still selling, in order to raise money for CAWST. Along with promoting #YYCH2O with our own designed shirts as well, we got other schools to take part and make bracelets to sell during world water day.

It has been an amazing past few months. Teaching and educating is really something I find joyful. I always said one of my dreams in life was to build a well, and even if I’m not physically constructing one, I’m slowly getting there.


Water bottles, bracelets and presentation of Father Lacombe

CAWST, The Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology is an AMAZING organization. We hear about people dying in third world countries all of the time, but do we know why? Who here really knows about the vicious cycle of poverty? Do you know that many parents and grandparents are having their children suffer and die, but aren’t aware it’s simply because of the water they drink? Our vision of dirty water is the reality of millions of people around the world.

Every human deserves clean drinking water, it’s an essential, it’s a right. I’m so glad to work with CAWST and my school. After all our hard work, like I say all the time, we can make a difference. Even if it’s just three kids, that’s three more futures saved and multiple families saved from the pain of loss.

Thank you for reading once again! I’ll be back soon to update you all again.

Ruby Angelica Raguindin
Miss Teenage East Calgary 2014

Written by: Ruby

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