How grateful am I to be raised in such a fascinating and loving country? The answer to that is “very, very grateful”. I have experienced so much from living just in the province of Alberta alone.

Camping,hiking, and trekking is what I love to do in Alberta. I have been out to the most photographed lake in the WORLD, Moraine Lake. I’ve gone abseiling in CFB Wainright, camped in almost every campsite in Alberta, hiked along the badlands in Drumheller, spent a whole three weeks in a camp down in Vernon, taken a road trip from Calgary to British Columbia and Saskatchewan! I have yet to encounter more life changing experiences for myself just by living in Canada alone.


A beautifully taken picture with Moraine Lake and the valley of ten peaks of my sister and I

A beautifully taken picture of my sister and I at Moraine Lake and the valley of ten peaks


Pierre Trudeau once said “Canada will be a strong country when Canadians of all provinces feel at home in all parts of the country, and when they feel that all Canada belongs to them” . I feel safe in this country, I feel wanted, and I feel equal to society. There is so much more to Canada than our maple syrup and snow downfall. Everywhere I go there is diversity, and a lot of it. Even restaurants, I mean you can literally have delicious indian food without even going to India!

Aside from diversity, Canada is HUGEEE! There are many tourist attractions that I myself haven’t even experienced yet! Niagra Falls, The CN Tower, The Rockies, A dinosaur museum, Canada’s wonderland, Calgary Stampede, The hockey wall of fame, The Canadian War Museum…. we have it ALL and so much more!

Living in a country with countless rights and freedoms is something I would never take for granted. I have the right to an education, young girls from many different countries all over the world do not get this opportunity. I have the freedom of information and protection of my privacy, which I am soso SO thankful for. I wake up without having to worry about being stuck in a war zone, I wake up having something to look forward to (even if it is staying home). I wake up happy. Living in Canada makes me happy.

And like the title of this blog says “Home of the free, because of the Brave”. I would also like to have a chance to say how honoured I am to live in a country that is protected. Not only do the Canadian Forces protect and serve our country but they also peace-keep in many other countries aside from ours! So, I thank you. Thank you for serving this country with honour and pride, Thank you for loving other countries as much as you love Canada, Thank you for making this country safe.

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