Hi my name is Angel, I would like to tell you a bit about myself. I was born here in Calgary and have been very happy here. I like to travel and go to new places and see new things. As a young girl my dream was to be a model I would pose for the camera I especially love to dress up and pretend to walk up and down the livingroom acting like I was on the run way. At the age of 7 I joined hip hop and have a passion for it ever since. I also love to sing and draw, I love drawing people and adding as much detail as I can. As I am getting older I still wish to Pursue my dream into becoming model. My parents are very supportive of what I wanna do and who I want to become when I am older. My best friend has been through a lot with me and has been to every event and supported me. I am very excited for this because I love trying new things and putting my self out there for others to see.

Written by: Angel

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