Calgary Regal Leo Club Charter Members

On March 30th, I was blessed with the opportunity to witness the Calgary Regal Leo Club Induction. Run by the Calgary Filipino Lions Club, branched from Lions Club International, the RLC is a youth run volunteering committee based on public service.

Some members of CRLC with our own banner.

Ideas regarding another Leo Club had been circulating since 2012. In July 2013, the first meeting was held and by November, the club has had been officially Chartered. I am so proud to say that I, Ruby Angelica, am the first and chartering President for the Calgary Regal Leo Club. 

With numerous of Leo Clubs around the world and hundreds more Lions Clubs, it’s an honour to add to the cause.

Me holding the CRLC Roster with District Governor Bill Baux

This is an amazing group of youth that I get to work with. Not just colleagues, but really, friends. I have met people who possess extraordinary character and others who want nothing but to serve others. It’s great really, because I’m surrounded by those who want to help just as I do.

Breaking stereotypes, removing prejudice behaviour and making a name for ourselves. No matter what neighborhood, ethnicity, or social “class” we are from, this club is together regardless.

We have a great future ahead of us. It is not our job as the Chartered members and directors to flaunt our work, but to instead to build a strong foundation for the future Regal Leos in 10, 15, 60 years. That’s the amazing thing about Lions Club International, the members may change but the love and passion for charity stays.

Receiving my certificate of membership from Calgary Eye Openers.

So thank you Lions Club International for the support. Calgary Filipino, South East Asia, Strathmore, Woodcreek, Chestermeere, Wild Rose, and the many other Lions Clubs and members for attending our Induction. It was a pleasure meeting with you and we look forward to working with you all in the future! <3

Love from,

Ruby Angelica Raguindin
Miss East Calgary 2013


Written by: Ruby

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