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Now, I am fully aware that I haven’t posted in a quite a while.  I have actually missed blogging a lot and am super excited to be sharing what I’ve been up to. This being said, you can expect a plethora of posts within the next week or so.

So, where was I exactly during my disappearance? In all honesty, my absence was not a fun one. On March 7th I woke up in my room with a piercing pain in my head. I had a slight fever and I was also light sensitive, nauseous and dizzy. Even with all of these symptoms, I got up, took an Advil and went to school. I was absolutely exhausted.

After school, I had a meeting in downtown right after school. Following this meeting, was another at 6pm. When I got into the car around 10pm that night, I was shivering to the point where I couldn’t hold objects or speak. At home, my fever had come back at a raised temperature. Instead of calling my doctor, I decided to put on warm pyjamas, take another Advil and then proceeded to fall asleep.

The following day, my fever was still present. My appetite still failed to make an appearance and was instead replaced with a pounding headache, nausea and exhaustion. That night I was meant to travel to support the Strathmore Lions Club but around 30 minutes before departure, I was too dizzy to even walk. I took more medicine and slept the best I could with a fever and headache.

On Sunday, my feelings had not gotten any better but instead worse. Along with the previous symptoms, I was feeling extremely weak and could not leave my bed. That evening, my parents decided to call the doctor and she urgently advised them to bring me to the hospital.

All of my pictures on this blog so far are not glamorous haha.

At the emergency room I was immediately given a mask and was asked a series of questions. After a five minute wait, I was put under isolation. The room was extremely small and honestly speak, I felt like a “freak”. Not even my parents could walk inside the room without being fully covered, their faces covered by clear plastic masks. I still didn’t know what was wrong with me. I tried to sleep that night, but the sound of another patient in the room beside me moaning in pain kept me up all night.

A doctor walked into my room early that morning and I was given some scary news. There was a possibility that I might have meningitis, which was life threatening if not treated. Within the next hour, a lumbar puncture was performed on me and I was sent home that following afternoon because thankfully, the results came back negative.

After the spinal tap.

But the pain did not stop there. For the rest of Monday continuing onto Tuesday, I did not get better. Sitting was not an option anymore, as the spinal tap had caused my extremely painful headaches and nausea when upright. My body was extremely stiff, especially in my neck, and my fever was still present. My friends came to visit me on Tuesday afternoon, but I unfortunately had to send them home because I felt absolutely horrible. I ended up calling an ambulance that night, because I knew something was wrong.

My arm after the blood patch.

That night was filled with the most pain I have ever felt in my life. Laying in that bed, it hurt to move. I had little to no feeling in my legs and could not move my head more than an inch. I was extremely nauseous and because I was so sick, I had not eaten much, and my throat burned from acid. My head pounded with pain all through the night, as well as my heart feeling extremely tight. I had extreme difficulty breathing that night, but was not allowed to take my inhaler for fear that my heart rate might be affected. I was so weak and in pain, I wanted to just give up.

News came that instead of the spinal tap making me better, it had actually gotten infected. I underwent a blood patch that day, willing to do anything in order to recover.

Luckily, it worked and I was able to walk and stand in the late afternoon.

This all being said, I am fully recovered now. Thankfully, I am feeling so much better. Over this past month of trying to get my health back up, I realized the importance of taking a break. In order for me to do the best in my work, IB, pageantry and volunteering, I know I that I must take time for family, friends and relaxation. After getting so sick, I’m determined to keep myself peaceful and healthy.

So now I’m back and I’m excited as ever.

Thanks for reading,
Ruby Angelica Raguindin
Miss Teenage East Calgary

Written by: Ruby

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