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Hi my name is Angel, I would like to tell you a bit about myself. I was born here in Calgary and have been very happy here. I like to travel and go to new places and see new things. As a young girl my dream was to be a model I would pose for the camera I especially love to dress up and pretend to walk up and down the livingroom acting like I was on the run way. At the age of 7 I joined hip hop and have a passion for it ever since. I also love to sing and draw, I love drawing people and adding as much detail as I can. As I am getting older I still wish to Pursue my dream into becoming model. My parents are very supportive of what I wanna do and who I want to become when I am older. My best friend has been through a lot with me and has been to every event and supported me. I am very excited for this because I love trying new things and putting my self out there for others to see.

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Miss Teenage Canada has been such a wonderful experience with such wonderful treats ! Our sponsor Richtree market provided us with delicious tacos and burritos for lunch on our busy day!

Follow them @richtreemarket and hashtag #richtreefiesta!

Follow them @richtreemarket and hashtag #richtreefiesta!

Not only was the food really easy to balance out with my diet but the staff was very friendly! I had accidentally ordered a taco that included a topping I don’t prefer to have, and this resulted in having to change my order while it was being made. The manager was very cooperative and made the changes right away! What a great staff and top of the line service!

The food had great presentation! The girls and I HAD to take a picture! After taking a few pictures of food… I finally took my first bite and it felt good to be eating comfort food and then… the spice hit me! And it was even better ! You can really taste all the different toppings that were incorporated. And for a more subtle taste, they include lime on the side for your taste preferences. Absolutely enjoyed my lunch!

Pics or it didn't happen!

Pics or it didn’t happen!

What’s taco tuesday? Visit Richtree’s taco and burrito truck at the Eaton Centre for a taco ANY day of the week! I’m sure that you will be leaving satisfied!

Great service, great food, and 82 happy customers!

Xo, Trish

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As many of you may or may not already know about my platform, it is raising funds and awareness to wounded veterans. I haves come to be passionate about this topic for a few years now. I chose this topic because I look up to Canadian Forces, I have always felt so safe because of our military force. Not to mention the sacrifices they are willing to make not just for our country but other countries around the world.

I have always believed that the people who join the forces are the most brave and courages people out there. And I say this because not only do we have such strong people to keep our country safe but without these heroes we have for us… our country would not be the same. Our rights and freedoms would not be the same. We wouldn’t have the opportunities we have now as a country, and we owe it all to them; to the brave. They are willing to sacrifice anything just for their country and their people.


Many of the people who return home from serving are diagnosed with mental illnesses such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome). PTSD is caused when you go through, see or learn about an event involving actual or threatened death, serious injury or sexual violation. This can affect a persons life forever. It is a long term illness that can increase a high risk of anxiety and depression. PTSD also causes changes in the brain. Could you imagine what soldiers experience? They really are heroic! Other soldiers that return home, return with combat injuries. Did you know that approximately 70 percent of war wounds are musculoskeletal injuries, and 55 percent are extremity wounds. Fractures account for 26 percent of combat injuries, and 82 percent of all fractures are open fractures? Many injured soldiers get amputations for their loss of limbs. The amount  these soldiers are willing to surrender  are truly astonishing and something I would never take for granted!

Wounded Warriors CA
If I won the title of ‘Miss Teenage Canada 2015’ I would definitely like to raise more awareness to the Wounded Warriors Canada organization, Food Bank for Veterans and VETS Canada. I have already started talking to the Executive Director, Scott Maxwell  of WWCA to talk about my platform and how I would love to get more awareness to this cause. VETS Canada is also partnered with WWCA and I cannot wait to get more involved! I have also started working with World Visions Canada and learned about child soldiers in other countries. This is also something I would like to raise awareness to, child soldiers should not have to go through life threatening experiences at such a young age. Many people expect that veterans already receive a great amount of medical help, but many other wounded veterans do not get proper medical help and needs for them. As an injured soldier once said “Battlefield injuries are usually not puncture wounds, like the gunshot wounds and stabbings you’d see in a city,”  this a real issue that is on-going and its time to get our HEROES recognized!


xo, Trish

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How grateful am I to be raised in such a fascinating and loving country? The answer to that is “very, very grateful”. I have experienced so much from living just in the province of Alberta alone.

Camping,hiking, and trekking is what I love to do in Alberta. I have been out to the most photographed lake in the WORLD, Moraine Lake. I’ve gone abseiling in CFB Wainright, camped in almost every campsite in Alberta, hiked along the badlands in Drumheller, spent a whole three weeks in a camp down in Vernon, taken a road trip from Calgary to British Columbia and Saskatchewan! I have yet to encounter more life changing experiences for myself just by living in Canada alone.


A beautifully taken picture with Moraine Lake and the valley of ten peaks of my sister and I

A beautifully taken picture of my sister and I at Moraine Lake and the valley of ten peaks


Pierre Trudeau once said “Canada will be a strong country when Canadians of all provinces feel at home in all parts of the country, and when they feel that all Canada belongs to them” . I feel safe in this country, I feel wanted, and I feel equal to society. There is so much more to Canada than our maple syrup and snow downfall. Everywhere I go there is diversity, and a lot of it. Even restaurants, I mean you can literally have delicious indian food without even going to India!

Aside from diversity, Canada is HUGEEE! There are many tourist attractions that I myself haven’t even experienced yet! Niagra Falls, The CN Tower, The Rockies, A dinosaur museum, Canada’s wonderland, Calgary Stampede, The hockey wall of fame, The Canadian War Museum…. we have it ALL and so much more!

Living in a country with countless rights and freedoms is something I would never take for granted. I have the right to an education, young girls from many different countries all over the world do not get this opportunity. I have the freedom of information and protection of my privacy, which I am soso SO thankful for. I wake up without having to worry about being stuck in a war zone, I wake up having something to look forward to (even if it is staying home). I wake up happy. Living in Canada makes me happy.

And like the title of this blog says “Home of the free, because of the Brave”. I would also like to have a chance to say how honoured I am to live in a country that is protected. Not only do the Canadian Forces protect and serve our country but they also peace-keep in many other countries aside from ours! So, I thank you. Thank you for serving this country with honour and pride, Thank you for loving other countries as much as you love Canada, Thank you for making this country safe.

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I love love lovvvveee reading! It is one of the many things I enjoy doing when I have time to myself. Right now I am currently reading 2 books! I’ll tell you all about each book! 
Yes Please by Amy Poehler
I’ll start with ‘Yes Please’ by Amy Poehler. I’m currently on the third chapter of this book and I have never been able to relate to any book until I started to read this. This book was placed in Chapters at the ‘Humour’ section. Although the book can get some giggles out of you, I think it would also be well fit for the ‘Self-help’ section. Your experience with this book maybe different but the greatest impression she has left me are  the ones where she is demonstrating how to be a good person. Now, I don’t want to spoil this book for anyone by going into depth but it definitely has lots of life tips! Every time I read, I cant help but laugh. Amy shares a lot of personal stories, she’s hilarious and very wise. I strongly recommend purchasing this book!


The second book I am reading is ‘How to win friends and influence people’ by Dale Carnegie. A very very famous book! As the cover says “The only book you need to lead you to success” which has been helpful to me so far. Again, I wouldn’t want to spoil this book for anyone.How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie I have taken in so much from this book and constantly use it in my everyday life! The main implement of this book is that if you want to have friends and be successful, you should be nice not mean. It sounds soo obvious and I thought I was doing it, but now I realize all the mean things that I’ve done and still do to people when I don’t get along with them. As I’ve read this book (and I’ll work hard to do this from now on) I’ve tried to think more about the other person’s perspective when I disagree with them and it helps so much. I’ve already noticed a change in the way I interact with people. I keep this book with me everywhere I go, and I read the chapters multiple time before going onto the next.This is such an empowering book, I recommend this book for EVERYONE.

Aside from the reviews on these books I’ll be talking about what I wish to do for ‘Free The Children’ to fund raise! I am currently searching for a place here in Calgary that will be willing to let me rent a hall for free. If and when I do find a hall that is willing to help me out, I will start planning either a dance or a dinner gala for ‘Free The Children’. The event would have an entrance fee, depending on the event I will decide on the entrance fee. I’ve also wanted to host another event to support my platform charity ‘Wounded Warriors CA’. I’ll keep searching for a hall and have an update on that during this month or so.

Lastly, I have made a new instagram apart from my main account. @msteenageeastcalgary follow me as I will be posting pictures from events I’ll be attending, more pictures from the provincial pageant, and selfies (;

This blog has been quite short, and not as exciting as I hoped but I wish you all an amazing week! Remember to pop back onto my website every Sunday at 8:15 to see my newest post!

Sending lots of love and happiness, Trish.




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Hello everyone, I’m Trisha Miss Teenage East Calgary 2015! My friends call me ‘Trish’ to which I respond to as well.

I’ll begin this blog by sharing my experience throughout the provincial pageant! On March 22 2015, I was crowned Miss Teenage East Calgary 2015. Winning this title is a huge accomplishment for me, considering that I have had no experience at all with pageants in the past! I came into this pageant showing not only confidence but also moral respect. When I had first been interviewed by Michelle I was excited, I also did not think I would have made it as a finalist. The day after I had been interviewed I received an email from Michelle saying “Congrats!…”. I was extremely grateful and I immediately started preparing. I had started to tell my family,friends, peers, teachers, and even my school principal that I will be competing! Not only that but my social media as well. I have a lot of support which I do not take for granted! The support was key to believing in myself!

My crown!

Saturday March 21 2015 was our prejudging and training day! This day gave every single delegate to mingle and make new friends! I met many ladies that will now be friends for life! I strongly disagree  with how the media portrays pageants as after this pageant! The friends I made were all one of a kind, bullying and self harm advocates, changing the educational system advocates, gender equality advocates, aspiring Broadway actresses, and so on. Every single girl had something that made them unique, which is what amazed me the most! We all really cliqued right away! In the morning we practised our walks and turns in heels. After lunch we started our choreography for our opening number to ‘International Smile’ by Katy Perry. I do not think any of the other girls will get this song out of their head now! haha.  Since we were getting judged on our swimsuit wear the same day, we had started to practise walking for our swimsuit wear. After being judged on our swimwear we had to change into our interview attire. For my interview attire I wore a half sleeve black jumpsuit with a black and gold Michael Kors high heels. This attire was very classy, also comfortable! During the interview I was nervous but this feeling for me is great since when I am nervous I am very out there, so when the judges started to ask me questions I definitely spoke from the heart. I was myself in front of the judges and not at all scared when I had spoken to them. After day 1 I got home and made sure I would get a ‘beauty sleep’ going on! 

The day of the pageant had arrived! The entire day was full of support from my pageant sisters and the 2014 title holders! All of the girls were bonding, taking pictures, and consistently supported each other throughout the whole day! Most of the day was rehearsing our opening number, our platform, and our introduction! the last few hours were hair and makeup which was done by students from MC College, without their help the girls would not have looked as beautiful as they can be on the day of the pageant! 7:00 and it was showtime! We started with our opening number, and while I was up on stage it is important that I really put myself out there! After the opening number was our introduction, when I introduced myself I wanted people to know who I was, which resulted in a respectful and a very ‘me’ introduction! Evening gowns…. my favourite part was finally here! All the dresses I had seen were elegant and sweet, the gowns that the girls have chosen showed a lot of personality towards them! We also talked about our platforms on stage in our evening gown. My platform is raising funds and awareness for homeless and wounded veterans (something I have always been passionate about). Swimsuit wear came along, and then… CROWNING! Before the crowning Shelby (Miss Teenage Southern Alberta 2015) lead a prayer for all of us which kept our spirits up! The first to be announced was the girl who received the modelling contract! After having about 6 girls called up I heard Michelle say my number and name “Number twenty-six Trisha” and I was sooo happy, words could not describe this moment! I remember holding the crown terrified since it was super heavy. A few more girls were called and then finally Miss Teenage Alberta was called and this title was given to Ilinca! One of the many beautiful ladies that competed, and I was very happy for her! After the pageant I sadly had to say goodbye to many of the friends I made, some I will be seeing soon, some I will be seeing in nationals and some that I wish to see again! And that is how I will end the story of my journey at the provincial pageant!

Now, I would like to talk more about myself. I will start off with telling you all my many interests. I enjoy activities and sports such as  acting, singing, artistry, marksmanship, volleyball, wrestling, track events and I also serve as a Master Corporal at the 2137 Calgary Highlanders Cadet Corp. I also enjoy to spend time in the wilderness, camping and hiking!

This summer I attended an army cadet summer training program for marksmanship that lasted 3 weeks. From this experience I gained more confidence to strive for my goal, at camp my goal was to improve my skills in marksmanship. Not only did I share this time at camp with a more male dominant competition but peers that were more skilled and trained in marksmanship. By the end of camp I received a level expert on marksmanship which is the second highest level. This made me not only believe more in myself but rather took it as a learning experience that I can do anything I set my mind to.Marksmanship Training At Vernon 2014

Being only 15 years old, I used to have no idea what I wanted to do when I was younger. But I now spend most of my time reading books and watching documentaries that explain the law of attraction, learning about the mind and how it works, finding inner peace, and the key to happiness. From reading and watching all of these, I grew a passion through wanting to constantly help others which now encourages me to seek a job in the future that works with people. After graduating high school I will be taking my Bachelor Of Science in the University of Calgary to pursue a career in Psychology.

I also recently started working with Wounded Warriors Canada. Being a part of this organization helps me a lot with my platform which I had previously explained. Wounded Warriors Canada is a non-profit organization that helps Canadian Armed Forces members – be they regular force or reservists – who have been wounded or injured in their service to Canada. Here is a link to their website to learn more about it http://woundedwarriors.ca/mission/

This whole journey has been so overwhelming! And I am forever grateful to have many opportunities and the chance to compete in Nationals!

I hope you all learned more about me, and I will keep this blog updated every Sunday! For now I wish you all an amazing week!

Sending lots of love and happiness, Trisha R your new Miss Teenage East Calgary 2015!

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Calgary Regal Leo Club Charter Members

On March 30th, I was blessed with the opportunity to witness the Calgary Regal Leo Club Induction. Run by the Calgary Filipino Lions Club, branched from Lions Club International, the RLC is a youth run volunteering committee based on public service.

Some members of CRLC with our own banner.

Ideas regarding another Leo Club had been circulating since 2012. In July 2013, the first meeting was held and by November, the club has had been officially Chartered. I am so proud to say that I, Ruby Angelica, am the first and chartering President for the Calgary Regal Leo Club. 

With numerous of Leo Clubs around the world and hundreds more Lions Clubs, it’s an honour to add to the cause.

Me holding the CRLC Roster with District Governor Bill Baux

This is an amazing group of youth that I get to work with. Not just colleagues, but really, friends. I have met people who possess extraordinary character and others who want nothing but to serve others. It’s great really, because I’m surrounded by those who want to help just as I do.

Breaking stereotypes, removing prejudice behaviour and making a name for ourselves. No matter what neighborhood, ethnicity, or social “class” we are from, this club is together regardless.

We have a great future ahead of us. It is not our job as the Chartered members and directors to flaunt our work, but to instead to build a strong foundation for the future Regal Leos in 10, 15, 60 years. That’s the amazing thing about Lions Club International, the members may change but the love and passion for charity stays.

Receiving my certificate of membership from Calgary Eye Openers.

So thank you Lions Club International for the support. Calgary Filipino, South East Asia, Strathmore, Woodcreek, Chestermeere, Wild Rose, and the many other Lions Clubs and members for attending our Induction. It was a pleasure meeting with you and we look forward to working with you all in the future! <3

Love from,

Ruby Angelica Raguindin
Miss East Calgary 2013


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